Image of a woman rock climbing outdoors while wearing a helmet at Shokz OpenRun headphones
Image of a woman rock climbing outdoors while wearing a helmet at Shokz OpenRun headphones
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6 Outdoor Workouts To Try This Fall

Autumn is finally here and outdoor workouts have never been more appealing and possible. Whether you’re in need of some variety in your regular workout routine or you’re exploring ways to experience nature while the seasons change, we’ve got you covered! Grab your Shokz wireless headphones and try out these outdoor workouts that are perfect for the fall. 

Rock Climbing

Take on a new challenge while activating your core, upper body, critical thinking skills, and balance when you join the climbing community. If it’s your first time making the climb, we recommend visiting an indoor climbing facility near you to understand the basics, get information on safety guidelines, and understand what gear is needed for you to properly begin your climbing journey. Don’t forget to bring your Shokz to the indoor climbing gym or to the outdoor crag to stay motivated while you conquer upward mobility. 


Conquer your health and wellness goals step by step when you add a hike to your regular workout regimen. The beautiful thing about hiking is that regardless of your physical ability, there’s a path for you to take.  Are you looking for ways to explore the open trails with an open mind? Check out these tips for how to practice mindfulness on the trails and exercise your mind as much as your body. 


Peddle into the new season when you incorporate some cycling into your fitness journey. It’s no secret that indoor cycling has become a popular workout activity in more recent years, but the lower temperatures brought on by fall make the case for getting outside and experiencing the wide open road (with open-ear headphones on, of course). Gear up for your first ride when you learn about these five benefits of cycling on the Shokz blog. 


This relatively-new sport’s name may be silly, but the health benefits are very serious. According to USA Pickleball, the sport is a blend of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. Pickleball is played on a badminton-sized court with a modified tennis net. All ages and skill levels are invited to play, and many local recreation centers now offer the game for community members to enjoy. Ready to take a swing at this fun and engaging sport? Check out the basic pickleball rules and go play! 

Rooftop Yoga

Get outside and remix your typical yoga sun salutation by actually greeting the sun as it rises. In addition to being one of the most popular and accessible fitness activities, yoga also helps to exercise your mind, body, and spirit with poses that all ages and skill levels can incorporate. Are you lacking a rooftop for your next yoga workout? No problem! Anywhere peaceful and open-air makes for the perfect makeshift yoga studio, especially in the fall. Bring your mat and press play on this zen Spotify playlist while you intentionally go through the motions with the help of your Shokz headphones. 


Take it to the court this fall when you give tennis a try. Even in a leisurely game among friends and family, playing tennis helps to improve cardiovascular health, hand-eye coordination, and quick twitch muscle response. Consider taking private tennis lessons or grabbing a racket and some tennis balls from your local independent sports retailer and head to a court near you! 

Are you in the fall fitness spirit after reading these outdoor workout ideas? Discover the must-have running essentials for fall on our blog next!