Professional mountain biker and YouTuber Syd holding a box of Shokz OpenRun Pro wireless sport headphones
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6 Fitness YouTubers To Start Watching Now

These days, streaming content online is one of the most popular methods of entertainment. And what better online platform is there for enjoying videos than YouTube? Whether you’re discovering how-to videos, enjoying unboxing, or following a tutorial, YouTube is the perfect e-destination for whatever you’d like to watch. Meet seven fitness YouTube and tech YouTubers who will make you want to like and subscribe in a snap! 

Matt Bertrand 

If you haven’t subscribed to avid runner, tech & fitness YouTuber, and #ShokzSquad member Matt Bertrand yet, you’re missing out! Matt’s channel focused on all things running, including training tips, running gear reviews, race content, and the occasional glimpses into his personal life. In addition to sharing tons of running-related content, you will never have to go too long without new videos. Matt posts full-length videos at least twice a week, so you’re certain to find something interesting to watch every time you visit his channel. Get to know him better when you watch Matt’s review of Shokz OpenRun Pro wireless headphones here. Follow Matt’s YouTube channel today! 

Kraig Adams

Tune into Kraig Adams’ channel for your regular dose of outdoor and hiking content. Adams’ YouTube shares tons of gorgeous hiking footage by leveraging his filmmaking skills. Whether you’re trying to curb your wanderlust or just want to go on a virtual trip to some of the world's most breathtaking parks and natural destinations, Kraig’s channel is the place to be. 

Syd & Macky

ShokzSquad members and mountain biking duo Syd and Macky are bringing a cool and athletic twist to the power couple dynamic. Their channel is packed with tons of epic trail rides, biking workouts, and even some biker-friendly home improvement projects. Watch this YouTube video from their channel to get a glimpse into their daily life as pro mountain bikers. Spoiler alert: you may even see a cameo by OpenRun Pro premium sport open-ear headphones.!  

Emma Abrahamson

Emma Abrahamson is a California native and avid health and wellness enthusiast. Her audience of nearly 71,000 subscribers loves her bubbly personality and her vast knowledge of everything from nutrition to running. Watch her vlogs to learn how to make a healthy post-workout meal, improve your running technique, or follow her on an average day in San Diego. Whatever your video preference, Emma Abrahamson’s channel is sure to give you all the good vibes.

Gwen Jorgensen

For those who are looking for training tips and some major running and fitness inspiration, look no futher than Olympian Gwen Jorgensen. Visit Gwen’s channel for high-quality workout content, athlete branding and marketing tips, and to peek into her personal life as a professional athelte, like what she eats in a day. Follow Gwen’s YouTube channel here

Nick Symmonds

If you’re a workout enthusiast, a fitness fan, or a serious runner, Nick Symmonds’ YouTube channel is the right place for you. Symmonds is a multi-hyphenate athlete and quite literally a jack of all trades, including an author, an Olympic runner, and a pilot who shares all of his fitness exploits weekly. Tune in for fun footrace competitions, intense workout challenges, and the occasional extreme powerlifting video, like this one of Nick and his friends lifting a car

Ready to start streaming videos from these awesome fitness and tech YouTube influencers? Don’t forget to sync up your Shokz wireless headphones for the ultimate open-ear listening experience!