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5 Ways To Safely Share The Road With Cyclists

It’s a sad time for the cycling community. On December 10th, 2020, Tom Trauger, CFO of retailer Sports Basement and celebrated Ironman athlete, was tragically killed in Las Vegas along with four other individuals well-known in the cycling world in an accident caused by a box truck crashing into their cycling party. In the wake of this devastating incident, AfterShokz wants to show our support and raise awareness by sharing the following tips and reminders about safely sharing the road. 

#1 Pass Cyclists Safely 

One of the biggest rules about sharing the road is making sure you give cyclists room when overtaking them. Whenever possible, motorists should pull into an adjacent lane (if safe to do so) in order to pass the cyclist. Passing cyclists should also be done slowly, as a decreased speed can mean the difference between life and death if the cyclist is accidentally hit or sideswiped. 

#2 Be Aware Of Cycling Hand Signals

Try to learn basic hand signals used by cyclists in order to better be able to anticipate their movements. For example, a left-arm held straight out indicates a left turn, while a left arm held up at a 90-degree angle or a right arm held straight out indicates a right turn. Learn more common cycling hand signals here

#3 Avoid Distracted Or Impaired Driving 

This is a no-brainer at any time, but impaired driving is a severe risk for both the driver and anyone else on the road and should never be attempted. Distracted driving (such as checking a text message or putting an address in Maps) is also a hazard, and especially so when there are cyclists, motorcyclists, or other pedestrians around. Be sure to always be fully aware of your surroundings and stay alert while driving. 

#4 Check Your Mirrors And Blind Spots

It may be hard to see someone on a bike outright when turning or passing. To avoid the possibility of an accident, always check your mirrors and blind spots for unseen riders, and use your turn signal to indicate your next move. 

#5 Stay Out Of Bike Lanes 

Although it may be tempting to use bike lanes for passing or even parking purposes, please refrain from using the bike lane for anything other than cycling. This can create a dangerous situation for cyclists who have to maneuver around you, and, if parking, you run the risk of a cyclist running into your door or mirror, causing injury to the cyclist and damage to your vehicle and their bike. 

If both cyclists and motorists continue to implement safety practices, we can work together to make the roads a safer, more enjoyable place for all. 

Please consider reading more about who Tom was and donating to his memorial fund here