5 Ways to Give Good Vibez Year-Round
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5 Ways to Give Good Vibez Year-Round

The holiday season is when many of us think about charitable donations and giving back (as well as eating too much and embracing—or hating—winter runs). Doing good doesn’t have to be limited to the winter season, however, and we’re here to tell you how you can give good vibez all year round.  These actions don’t have to be grandiose or expensive—after all, a little effort can make a big difference.



During the holidays, there are endless opportunities to lend a hand at local soup kitchens shelters or community centers. But after the glow of the Christmas season is gone, your local running group may be looking for a few brave souls to serve as course marshals or bag checkers during the less-than-ideal racing season.

Bundle up, make a playlist of your favourite winter songs, and grab cocoa or coffee to give back to the runners and community who support you on your race day.


Slow Down

There is a time and place for training runs and track workouts. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to kick back and run slower with friends who aren’t quite as fast as you are. Treat these runs as a friendship date with no worries about time or mileage. Enjoy the company and a post-run snack.



Running has changed your life for the better, right? There are programs all over the country that aim to help people—especially kids—find confidence and solace in running. But these programs—Girls on the Run, Back on my Feet, Rising New York Road Runners, to name a few—cost money to organize. Instead of buying another pair of socks, think about where your $15 could go to grow the running community. 

Even if you’re not able to donate financially, organizations like these are always looking for volunteers to help at events!


Help a Neighbor 

When the snow starts to fall, you may look longingly outside wishing the roads were clear so you could start running. Take your pent-up energy and help a neighbour by digging out their driveway or sidewalk. And hey, if you shovel a long enough stretch of sidewalk, you could get in a few wind sprints.


Reach Out to a Friend

Maybe you haven’t talked to a good friend in a while (but you still checked their splits after their latest marathon!). Send a card—a good old fashioned snail mail card—to let them know you’re thinking about them. Everyone loves mail, right?

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