5 Safety Tips for Runners
5 Safety Tips for Runners
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5 Safety Tips for Runners

We’ve teamed up with Running Industry Association (RIA) to promote runner safety during National Running Safety Month. Occurring every year in November, National Running Safety Month and its ‘Run Smart. Run Bright.’ campaign gives runners simple tips and equipment that can help increase their visibility and awareness on the local roadways as well as their protection against the elements. Whether running to add exercise to your daily routine or running 60+ kilometres a week to train for a marathon, safety should be top-of-mind for all runners. We’ve outlined some tips to help you feel safe and confident when you hit the pavement for your next run.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Wearing in-ear or over-the-ear headphones make it difficult for you to hear your surroundings, so it is best to avoid them, especially when running on roads with low lighting or high traffic and particularly in unknown areas. AfterShokz headphones have a unique open-ear design, so you can remain aware of your surroundings while enjoying your favourite songs. Our headphones use patented bone conduction technology to send mini vibrations through your cheekbones to your inner ear leaving your ears open to ambient sounds for maximum situational awareness and safety.

Know Where You’re Running

A good strategy for new and seasoned runners alike is to have your intended route in mind before beginning your run. Nothing kills runner’s high faster than realizing you have no idea how to get back. You may also want to consider selecting routes in more populated sections of the community, especially if you’re new to running or are unfamiliar with the area. Should a problem arise like a twisted ankle or depleted phone battery, there’s plenty of people around who can help. By planning your routes ahead of time, you also have the advantage of calculating your distance and letting a friend or family member know the route you’re taking.

Run with Your Phone

Running with your phone may feel like extra baggage, but it can be your lifeline, so it’s essential to have it on you at all times. It’s likely that you’ll never need it, but it’s better to have and not need, than need and not have. If you’re going for a run to disconnect and clear your mind, then turn on the “do not disturb” feature to avoid those pesky vibrations and notifications.

Wear Bright, Reflective Gear

Be sure to make yourself as visible as possible to others – especially if you’re going for an early morning or late night run. This is important when hitting the roads so cars can see you and when trail runnings in case you find yourself somehow separated from the path. Many fitness brands keep this safety tip in mind when designing apparel, so it’s easy to find clothing, running shoes, headbands, and caps with neon hues, reflective strips, and LED lights so you can’t be missed.

Carry Identification

If you’re only going to carry one thing, make it your identification. While you’ll probably never find yourself in a situation where you need it, it’s always good to have it available. While rare, medical emergencies can happen, even if you’re the picture of perfect health. If you don’t want to bring your driver's license with you on every run, explore other options – there are ways around it! You can buy shoelace tags, wristbands, or even download an app on your smartphone. Carrying identification and medical details can save your life.