5 Cheat Codes For Jump-Starting Your Morning Workouts
5 Cheat Codes For Jump-Starting Your Morning Workouts
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5 Cheat Codes For Jump-Starting Your Morning Workouts

The sun makes it look so easy. But rising with the energy to take on your day and your morning workout can be a bit of a challenge. Having a dedicated routine helps, but it can be hard to get back into when it’s thrown off. Here are a few quick ways to adjust your daily habits to get up for those morning runs. 


Start Preparing The Night Before 

Just like training for a big race, the prep work makes all the difference. While it can be tempting to wait and see how you feel in the morning, we’ve all experienced how that ends. Your mind is much more alert and ready to make decisions in the evening. Use this time to decide what your workout will look like, lay out what you’ll wear, and plan out your post-morning workout meal.  One study found something as simple as changing your sheets can make for a more restful sleep. You can also start carb-loading a few hours before bed to help reset your body’s internal clock. 


Get The Blood Flowing With Natural Stimulants

Coffee gets the most credit for getting us up and going in the mornings, but can often lead to crashing and masking the symptoms of a lack of rest. Simply splashing your face with cold water, stretching, and taking some deep breaths will help your body wake up. You can also include herbs like peppermint, rosemary, and citrus in your morning routine through herbal teas and essential oils for a gentle burst of natural energy. These simple steps, coupled with a glass of water and a light breakfast, can have you feeling ready to take on your morning workout with ease. 


Have Your Morning Playlist Ready

We may be biased, but nothing sets the mood quite like a good playlist. You can even set your alarm tone to one of your favorite songs to start the morning feeling lively. From upbeat good vibez to calming lo-fi, curate songs that lift your spirits and make waking up that much easier. Don’t forget to add a few inspirational TED Talks, podcasts, and morning shows to the mix while listening with OpenMove!   


Make It A Group Effort

Motivating yourself to get up on your own can sometimes be a lost cause. Why not ask for support? Finding accountability partners who have similar goals as you is a great way to get started. This can look like an in-person or virtual running group, a friend you connect with on Strava, or even your partner or housemates. You can even call a friend on your OpenComm Headset. There’s no rule saying you have to make morning workouts happen alone. 


Be Mindful Of Lighting 

The sun and our circadian rhythms go way back. Your body is wired to release sleep hormones such as melatonin in the dark and suppress it when exposed to light. The problem in our modern world is that blue light from electronic devices such as our phones has the same effect. In order to get in sync with the sun, it’s wise to put those devices away before bed and to open your curtains wide in the morning. Soak in some sun before your morning workout and make sure to dim the lights at night. 

Now that you’re all set to get up and go in the mornings, don’t forget to bring your Aeropex headphones along for the perfect workout! 

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