5 Awesome 5K Races To Try Summer 2017
5 Awesome 5K Races To Try Summer 2017
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5 Awesome 5K Races To Try Summer 2017

As the warmer months slowly arrive, the anticipation naturally makes you want to try new things. After being cooped up inside all winter long, it's almost that time to come out of our shelters from the snow and join a race or two or three or four!

Below are 5, 5K events coming up this summer. Whether you are a seasoned event runner, or you simply want to try something new and exciting, these events are like no other 5K you have heard of in the past! Think you are up to the challenge? Visit the links below to find out more!

1. Color Vibe 5K

With over 100+ event locations listed on their website, this is an international event that has over one million participants each year joining in on the vibrant colored fun. Don't worry! The colored powder washes off easily so take all of the group photos that you want! This is a must-try event as the sunny weather arrives. 

2. Insane Inflatable 5K

Looking for an event that the whole family can enjoy? This 5K consists entirely of inflatable obstacles that challenge you throughout this race. Whether you are a seasoned runner or you are just trying to become more active this summer, check out the event locator on their website and find an Insane Inflatable event near you! 

3. The 5K Foam Fest

Rope courses..... giant lily pads.... and foam! Lots and lots of foam! This 5K will have you laughing the whole time because of the amount of fun and memorable experiences you will have. Join with one friend, or make team shirts and go with a squad! This event is one that you will not forget because of the unique challenges you will face. 

4. Zombie Mud Run

The zombie apocalypse has spread like wildfire on the human race.... your natural instincts tell you to run! No matter what obstacles and living dead that you face, you must not give up! This 5K is so unique because when you register on the website, you can participate as a human survivor trying to make it to the safety zone, or you can enter as one of the living dead and you can hunt down the survivors! Whatever your personal preference, this 5K will have you making memories to remember for years to come.

5. Virtual Pace Series

Do all of the above 5K races sound awesome? Even though there are many places where these events take place, you may live in an area where none of these races are nearby, or maybe you have such a tight schedule it is difficult to make time for a race. Well, have no fear! Because of the awesome Virtual Pace Series, you can participate in a race that supports a cause that is important to you on your own time! Check out the website's extensive collection of races that need your support! This one is definitely a must see!

These are just a small handful of some of the amazing races out there. It doesn't matter which one you decide to do, or if you even finish. The most important thing is that you participated and made memories with those around you. 

Do you have a race or any kind of event that you have done in the past or are looking forward to this year? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Who knows! You may just see the AfterShokz team running next to you! ;)