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AfterShokz’s Bruce Borenstein Receives an Innovation Entrepreneur Award

We’re very proud to announce that our President and CEO, Bruce Borenstein, has received the honor of an Innovation Entrepreneur Award, for “Small Business Executive of the Year.” The Consumer Electronics Association offers these awards annually to members of companies that “embrace disruptive technology and are shining examples of what can be accomplished with entrepreneurial drive and dedication to innovation,” in the words of CEA’s president and CEO, Gary Shapiro.

We’d like to honor Mr. Borenstein for his accomplishment and his continued contributions to the bone conduction technology that’s changing the world.

The History

Bruce and Bone Conducting HeadphonesBruce Borenstein has been working in the consumer electronics field for over 30 years. Previously, he was Executive Vice President of The Neat Company, where he managed global sales and sat on the operating committee of the company, which developed strategy and direction. Before he held these positions, he was Principal and Sales Practice Leader at North Riverside Partners, a consulting firm that specialized in helping innovative companies deploy their products into the consumer electronics market. He was also Executive Vice President & Founder at Digital Innovations and President of the Paston-Hunter Company. Even then, Mr. Borenstein cared about outside-the-box technology and had the ability to bring it to the people. Over the years, Mr. Borenstein has consolidated many skills you can only acquire from hands on experience in the field. His passion and his hard work are the tools with which he’s built a company around our innovative bone conducting headphones.“It’s a joy to work in a field where you can see the tangible results of the difference you are making. We’re excited about this technology because we know it helps people, and it’s not quite like anything we’ve seen before. Where innovation and a basic need converge, that’s where the magic really happens,” said Mr. Borenstein. “We’re so happy to see that people share our excitement, and this is only the beginning of the things we can do, and the questions we can answer with this fascinating technology.”

Today, Bruce lives in Syracuse in close proximity to his two grown children, Michael (Director of Social Media for AfterShokz) and Susan. Bruce lives the AfterShokz mission, balancing his time between work and the joys of the world outside. He enjoys golfing, skiing, fly-fishing and travel. You can be sure he packs a pair of open ear headphones from AfterShokz to tackle his adventures in comfort, with great sound, with an ear to the sounds of the world, as well. After all, it’s his ability to listen to the public that has made him so great at what he does. Congratulations, Bruce!
Today, Bruce has found the perfect calling for his unique skill set. AfterShokz is the perfect example of an innovative technology packaged in a practical device; it’s a refined science that’s available to anyone. Bone conduction is a versatile thing, proving itself in the best pair of headphones for sports and allowing the hearing impaired to listen to headphones without removing their hearing aids. The benefits of the single technology are multitudinous. The bone conduction headphone sits on the cheekbones just outside of the ears, allowing atmospheric sound through, helping protect the eardrum, and transferring high quality sound through the bone. Its success is highly celebrated, and Bruce Borenstein is the man to thank for forging its path. His new Innovation Entrepreneur Award is yet another momentous entry in a timeline of success in business and consumer electronics. We’re proud to stand behind a man who cares about exciting technology and knows how to share it with the world.