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AfterShokz Open Ear Headphones on “The View”

For those of you that didn’t catch the morning talk show circuit, we’re excited to tell you that our open ear headphones were featured on today’s episode of The View! In the inaugural segment of “The Latest Stuff with Whoopi” about interesting tech gadgets and other cool must-haves, the Sportz M2s have made it into the exclusive category of the star’s favorite things. And we were fortunate enough to tag along and snap some pics from behind-the-scenes too!

open ear headphones on the view

The View takes a look at AfterShokz Open Ear Headphones

sportz m2s on the view When we got the call that there was interest in featuring our sport headphones on the show, we were pretty psyched. But watching Whoopi and guest co-host Ross Williams give them props on national television was almost too good to be true!We’re so passionate about bone conduction technology and our unique tweaks that make these headphones the safest solution for those wanting to remain connected to their surroundings just as much as their jams, that it’s hard for us to be unbiased. But that doesn’t mean we’re not humbled when the audience lets out a rousing cheer upon learning they’re taking home a pair of our open ear headphones (and other cool toys) to keep them safely connected during their next morning jog in the park or jaunt though the city after the show.

aftershokz on the view

AfterShokz would like to extend a big thanks to Whoopi Goldberg, Ross Matthews and the production team over at The View! We’re glad that the Sportz M2s are as exciting to you as they are to us. And to the lucky recipients: congrats! We hope you feel the groove on your next workout. Stay tuned for more AfterShokz sightings!

Check out the full segment.