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Men’s Health Reviews Our Bluez 2 Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

The world’s largest men’s magazine, Men’s Health, recently reviewed our latest and greatest: the Bluez 2 Bluetooth stereo headphones, featuring them on TechLust. The article highlighted the ways the only open ear headphones on the market to date optimize cycling and running. We’re proud and grateful in equal measure to see something we love as much as our Bluez 2 highlighted in such an admired outlet like Men’s Health!

bluez 2

“Crank Up Your Ride—With Music” and Bluez 2

“AfterShokz has been a leader in this arena for several years now, and their latest device, the Bluez 2, makes a solid jump in performance and functionality.”

We’re tiptoeing around the “arena,” here: bone conduction technology. AfterShokz allows you to hear your surroundings and your music (or even voice communication, like phone calls or GPS). When you consider an activity like cycling or running, this feature is the crux of everything we do.

“Most critically: You can still hear ambient noise, such as approaching cars, horns, and sirens. That’s clutch.”

BUT, as we realized when we got started, it takes more than just finding a way to make the most of bone conduction to build excellent headphones—they’ve got to deliver quality sound too, and the Bluez 2 represent our latest efforts in that department for sure. To get technical: our PremiumPitch™ patented dual suspension transducers enrich audio through beryllium copper springs that broaden the range of frequency response, while LeakSlayer™ technology significantly reduces natural sound leakage – the blend of both results in the finest in bone conduction audio.

“It’s quality sound, too—music sounds terrific, even when riding down the road amid the auditory overload of wind and road noise.”

Thanks, Men’s Health! It’s an honor and privilege to be recognized by you guys. Keep doing what you do, and we’ll continue to keep an eye on your picks.

Check out the full review, and try a pair of Bluez 2 Bluetooth headphones today!