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Bluez 2 Bluetooth Headphones in Mashable

In case you missed it, our Bluez 2 Bluetooth headphones were recently featured in Mashable! The popular tech news platform tends to focus on innovative technologies that are changing the way we live our lives, so it’s an honor and a privilege for AfterShokz to come up in their conversation.

Let’s look at the highlights from the Mashable review.

The Look

“The wraparound device is easily the most attractive of its type that I’ve seen to date.”

Awww, shucks. You’re not so bad, yourself, Mashable! The review goes on to praise the Bluez 2 as subtle enough in appearance to use in any setting.

bluetooth headphones

The Feel

“The design fits… seamlessly onto the human head.” “Runners and gym rats will also enjoy how the device stays in place, even during vigorous workouts.”

The Bluez 2s are slight and snug. They don’t weigh heavily on you, but they don’t tend to shift out of place during intense workouts either. Win, win.

The Interface

“By far my favorite aspect of the Bluez 2 is how AfterShokz handled its interface… accessing the controls while wearing the device feels amazingly natural.”

Such an interface is ideal for the active person. You don’t want to have to stop what you’re doing to adjust your volume. It should be easy—and we worked hard to make that happen. It’s the positive user experience that drives our design.

bone conduction

The Takeaway

“If you’re looking for bone-conducting headphones that are beautiful, practical and fade into the background, the Bluez 2 are an easy choice.”

It’s as simple as that. Thanks again, Mashable! We’re excited to be featured, and we’re equally excited about our new headphones.

If you haven’t tried our Bluetooth headphones yet, perhaps you’ll give them a shot! We’re confident that the comfort and the wireless freedom offered through our patented bone conduction technology and unmatched open ear design will be an enjoyable experience for you.