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Philadelphia Magazine Features Bluez 2 Headphones as an Accessory for the Modern Cyclist

If you’ve been following AfterShokz on social media for any length of time, you’ve heard the hype over our brand new Bluez 2 Bluetooth bone conduction headphones. We’re happy to say that they’re finally on the loose, and the reviews trickling in are more than we could have expected! But don’t take our word for it—leave it to the experts.

The fine folks at Philadelphia Magazine introduced AfterShokz latest wireless stereo headphones in the cycling section of their annually popular May ‘Top Doctors’ issue. We’re always excited to be featured next to the hottest new sports gear, and that’s where we stand in this issue. Alongside a handful of other super cool biking gear, Bluez 2 are the headphone of choice in ‘Buy This Now’, a brief buyer’s guide to the ultimate in cycling gear.

Our Bluez 2 wireless stereo headphones were highlighted for their open ear design and use of bone conduction technology, which makes them the safest solution for cyclists that may tune in to music or a call as they’re cruisin’ or switching gears. We think it’s great that people are taking notice of the importance of situational awareness, and we hope our innovation gets a chance to enhance the cycling experience for enthusiasts everywhere.

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“AfterShokz’s Bluez 2 Bluetooth headset sits right in front of—not on or in—your ear, and transmits sound through your cheekbones to your inner ear, so you can stay alert on the road.”

You got it, Philly Mag! Our brand’s main goal is to deliver safe sound, so thanks for highlighting the most important feature of our Bluez 2.

Perfect for cyclists (even with your helmet!), our Bluez 2 wireless stereo headphones are so special because they use bone conduction technology to deliver the only open ear listening experience, completely unlike any other active lifestyle headphone. You can hit the road, the trails, or the stationary bike with these headphones and maintain full awareness of your surroundings—letting you hear what you need to hear, but also what you want to at the same time.

Thanks for the kind words, Philadelphia Magazine! We’ll keep working to provide quality bone conduction headphones, and you guys keep cycling!