These Costumed Pups Are Killin’ The Halloween Game
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These Costumed Pups Are Killin’ The Halloween Game

The Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade took place last Saturday and we can't get enough of the costumed pups (and owners) that attended the event. If you're in need of a good laugh, these pics are sure to do the trick! 😉

Some of the costumes were just plain cute! 😍

#howloween #gardenbabies

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The tiniest (and cutest!) duo 🐝🐞❤️

We'll take one of each please! 🍭😍

I can see your fluffy future.

A photo posted by Michaela Mosnáková (@michaela.mosnakova) on

Please tell us our future, Madame fluff 🔮

These pups weren't messing around at the #dogparade today.

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Woah, these pups are too cool! 😍
How much?! 😍😘 

While others mirrored popular films, TV shows and Hollywood icons! 😱📽🎤

I am the shadow in the night #tompkinssquarehalloweendogparade

A photo posted by Erika Rae (@e.rangu.tang) on

This Batman that stole our heart! 🐶💗  

Why so serious?

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An equally adorable Joker! ❤️ 

Follow the dressed up doggies 🎶🏃🏃🏃

You're the one that I want, Ooo Ooo Ooo! 😘🎤 

We're still waiting on our Hogwarts letter! ⚡️

These pups make us wanna rock & roll all night & party everyday! 🎸

And then there's the Best Current Reference at the #tompkinssquarehalloweendogparade #strangerthings

A photo posted by Anna Letton Major (@tolivewithoutroads) on

Eleven, is that you?! #StrangerThings 1⃣1⃣

Game of Bones?! Can we catch that on Netflix? 📺😍 

#howloween #dogparade #prince #purplerain #dogs

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A sweet tribute to Prince! 💜

Even some of the owners got into the spirit of the parade! 👱👩🐶❤️

A very cute Goldilocks & the three bears! 🐻❤️

Best family costume hands down #halloweendogparade

A photo posted by Prynlada Ruangkao (@prynlada) on

Can we join your fam? Too cute! 🙌
This couple may not have come together but they're certainly a great match! 😊👏

We had such a blast looking through the photos from the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade, we may just have to attend next year! 😉 If you happen to dress up your pup this Halloween, we'd love to see a pic! Be sure to tag us @aftershokz on Twitter & Facebook or @myaftershokz on Instagram so we can give you a shoutout! 📸 👍