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3 Ways to Support and Celebrate Trans People

In honour of International Transgender Day of Visibility on 3/31, we’re shedding light on ways to support trans people around the world. From Olympic athletes like Chris Mosier to political leaders like Danica Roem, trans folx have made many contributions to our society. Because of the stigma that comes with identifying outside the gender binary (male and female), the safety and inclusion of trans people isn’t always guaranteed. 

It’s up to all of us to be open and supportive of those who identify as transgender, and we’re sharing some ways to move toward more inclusion. Check out a few ways to support and celebrate trans people. 

Educate Yourself On Pronouns

Pronouns are important. For the trans community, it is a key way to reaffirm their identity. This may be difficult to understand at first if you are cisgender, or identify with the sex you were assigned at birth. But for those who don’t identify as cis, using the incorrect pronoun may bring up painful experiences. We recommend asking for pronouns instead of assuming and referring to resources like this chart to explore pronouns outside of he/she. 

Diversify Your Media

There are many different facets to the trans experience that can be hard to understand if you’ve never come into contact with a trans-identifying person. One way to learn more is by tuning into shows, podcasts, and following social media accounts that elevate the trans experience. 

Documentary: Disclosure

TV Series: Pose 

Social Media: Chris Mosier, Be Open Interview with Chris Mosier 

Podcast: The T Pod 

Become An Ally And Activist 

Once you start educating yourself and learning more about the trans experience, you may find there’s a lot to be done to make our world a more inclusive place. One of the best places to start is taking a critical look at your own actions and what’s happening in your local community. 

Are you using inclusive language? Are there spaces for those who identify outside of the gender binary of male and female? From schools to sports teams to spaces as essential as restrooms, you’ll find there’s always room to be more open. Check out this helpful guide to get started, or donate to or connect with one of the organizations below to help support change. 

Trans Lifeline 

Trans Athlete 

Trans Youth Equality Foundation 

Center of Excellence for Transgender Health 

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