3 Ways Running Can Boost Your Creativity
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3 Ways Running Can Boost Your Creativity

Running truly is a mental sport. In fact, running focuses so much on mental fortitude that it’s looked at as every other sport’s form of punishment. But not everything about running is such an intense mind game, there are also plenty of positive benefits to your mental health that come with hitting your stride. 

If you’ve been finding yourself in a rut while working from home or when going through your daily tasks, we recommend a quick jog to start thinking outside the box! No, seriously. Check out three major ways running helps boost your creativity. 

Running Keeps You Sharp.

Clinical research has shown that aerobic exercise, especially running, helps to improve brain function and cognition at every age. Additionally, a 2011 study in Creative Research Journal found that moderate exercise increases your creativity immediately after and for up to two hours after. If you’re a creative professional or your workday consists of some considerable screen time, try taking a quick run to ward off writer’s block and stay sharp. 

Running Helps You Sleep.

You can’t create something worthwhile without being fully charged up and ready to go! It all starts with a little shut-eye. Sleep is a fundamental necessity for brain function, and it’s also a pivotal time for your body to repair and recover from injury or a strenuous workout. 

Even just a moderate 30-minute run several days a week can help you get more fulfilling sleep. This, in turn, helps improve your critical thinking skills and helps you focus better throughout the day. Swap your morning coffee for a morning run instead for an instant pick-me-up. 

Running Makes You Happy 

There’s a reason why they call it a runner’s high. Similar to many other forms of aerobic exercise, running helps your brain release endorphins, the chemical associated with feelings of joy and happiness. 

Running has also been clinically shown to improve people’s resilience to stress and decrease the risk of cardiovascular conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease. Having a rough day or struggling through a brainstorming assignment? Hit the pavement for a mood boost and fresh perspective! 

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