3 Tricks Titanium Can Do
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3 Tricks Titanium Can Do

From your morning commute, to your evening workout, and every phone call in between, you take Titanium everywhere you go. You’ve gotten so used to hearing Audrey’s welcoming voice that your user guide (wait, I got a user guide?) is sandwiched somewhere between a pile of junk mail or stuffed in the back of a kitchen drawer. After powering on, pairing, and playing, it’s easy to forget all the other things your headphones can do, like...

1. Check Your Battery Status

Click the volume+ or volume- button when audio is stopped or paused. Audrey will say “battery high,” “battery medium,” or “battery low.” 

2. Mute/UnMute Mic

Press and hold both volume+ and volume- buttons while on a call. Audrey will say “mute on” or “mute off.”

3. Voice Dial

Press and hold the multifunction button for two seconds. Audrey will say “voice dial,” prompting your phone’s intelligent personal assistant.

Have a question about one of these commands? Contact our Customer Happiness Team at support@aftershokz.com.