Olympian and AfterShokz Global Ambassador Meb Keflezighi wears Aeropex wireless headphones while running
Olympian and AfterShokz Global Ambassador Meb Keflezighi wears Aeropex wireless headphones while running
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3 Things To Listen To & Watch While Working Out

Working out can be hard, but staying motivated with the right music and video content can make your sweat session a little easier. Whether you’re keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions or you need some encouragement to start a new fitness journey, we’ve got your back! Read on to discover the three best things to listen to and watch while working out.

Watch Workout Wednesday Videos on AfterShokz IGTV

Are you the type of person who struggles with thinking up new workout ideas? Our AfterShokz Athletes and ShokzStars are here to help! Tune in to the AfterShokz IGTV channel for our newest series, Workout Wednesday. Every Wednesday in January, viewers can watch and participate in a free, quick and effective workout led by a friendly AfterShokz fan. Many workouts are even designed to be done at home with no gym equipment needed. Ready to sweat? Check out this Workout Wednesday IGTV video by AfterShokz Athlete Kim Clark and tone your core in less than 10 minutes!

Listen To Our Workout-Friendly Spotify Playlist 

Leaving 2020 in the dust on your next outdoor run or at-home workout circuit is easy when you cue up our epic Spotify playlist. Listeners can enjoy a collection of songs that inspire new goals and new beginnings while they work on mastering their own health and wellness achievements. Sync up your AfterShokz Aeropex wireless endurance headphones and listen to our Bye 2020 playlist from AfterShokz Spotify below.


Play A Guided Meditation

Keep your cooldowns or workouts mindful with a guided meditation to help you reflect and focus on all of the great work you’ve been doing. If you’re in need of a little grounding, tune into this peaceful guided meditation YouTube video led by influential Austin-based yogi, Yoga With Adriene. In as little as 10 minutes, you’ll find yourself feeling more centred, more refreshed, and more empowered to keep working on the best version of yourself! 

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