6 Reasons Why Giving Dad Some Headphones Will Make You The Favorite Child
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6 Reasons Why Giving Dad Some Headphones Will Make You The Favorite Child

Trust us, the old man doesn’t need another tie, and he’ll never use that “World’s Best Dad” mug. Celebrate Father’s Day by giving Dad what he really wants - some AfterShokz headphones.

  1. Is he athletic? Is he tech-savvy? None of the above? (We won’t judge!) Dad and his questionable taste in music can rock out without making everyone else listen too.

  2. All Dads love to mow the lawn. It’s a fact of life. Now Dad can enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass and catch up on his favorite podcast (as long as he’s blocking out the mower sounds with his ear plugs). Multi-tasking at its finest!

  3. He’ll be upstairs catching up on viral YouTube videos and he’ll still hear Mom call him down for sloppy joes. BONUS: he can’t pretend he can’t hear her when she asks him to take out the trash. (We didn’t say whether you’ll be Mom or Dad’s favorite, but we’re confident the answer is both.)

  4. Don’t you hate the idea of Dad cycling with headphones on and him not being able to hear the lunatic drivers around him? Banish the thought! We’ll keep him him tuned into his surroundings while he pedals to his oldies.

  5. What’s a Sunday summer day without Dad cleaning his car in the driveway? Our water resistant headphones will keep him company while he chases you around the house with the hose.

  6. We won’t knock on game night, but Dad definitely wants to keep up with sports highlights during family-bonding. Now he can hear the game without missing you all picking on Mom and her weird Scattergories rules.

Every Dad wants to spend Father’s Day with their kids, and you’ll definitely get bumped into first place by giving him a pair of AfterShokz headphones. A cold beer and a BBQ steak dinner wouldn’t hurt either, but we won’t push it.

Grab Dad any AfterShokz headphones for 20% off this weekend, and we’ll make sure they’re on his front step before the big day! Use code DADSGRADS at checkout to redeem.

Offer valid Saturday, June 11th at 12:00am through to Sunday, June 10th at 11:50pm ET in the USA and Canada.