12 Ways To Be Proactive This Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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12 Ways To Be Proactive This Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re doing all we can to turn breast and ovarian cancer awareness into action. Awareness is key, but it’s only the first step. Living a positive lifestyle is the #1 way you can reduce your risk of developing cancer, and we’ve got a few quick tips to improve your health that you can incorporate into your schedule this week.

Ready, set, GO!

Get More Greens

 vegetables wearing sunglasses playing musical instruments

Lots Of Fruit, Too

Dancing cherries

Don’t Forget Your H2O

Little boy using water fountain with water spraying him in face










Catch Up On Sleep

Kitten sleeping and swatting paws in sleep

Move Those Muscles

Two corgie dogs on a tredmill

Skip the Caffeine

Old man reading a newspaper and drinking coffee very fast

Stick to One Glass Of Wine

Amy Schmuer drinking enlarged glass of wine

Take Care Of Those Teeth

Woman aggressively brushing her teeth

Clean More Green

Dogs afraid of boston terrior riding a rumba

Spend More Time With Family & Friends

Pokemon high-fiving

Sit Back & Relax

Sloth in a hammock

 See Your Doctor

SouthPark "Cartman, Seriously. You need to see a doctor."

Crossing these tasks off your list will not only help prevent cancers, but will improve your overall quality of life. #WinWin

What else are you doing to turn awareness into action?