Why It’s Totally Fine If Trekz Titanium Are Your Valentine
Why It’s Totally Fine If Trekz Titanium Are Your Valentine
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Why It’s Totally Fine If Trekz Titanium Are Your Valentine

Ah, Valentine’s Day! An entire day dedicated to love and romance! Sure, it’s great if you have a date, but for those of us who don’t, here are 10 reasons why your Trekz Titanium headphones make the perfect date on nights like tonight! 

They won't complain about your cooking

Who needs a dinner date when you have your Trekz Titanium? Ask Siri to find a recipe for you by holding down the multifunction button and enjoy a romantic playlist while you cook. You may even be surprised by your undiscovered cooking skills! And if not, hey, your Trekz Titanium won't complain! 😉

They're the perfect movie date!

Avoid the crowds at the cinema and have a movie night with your Trekz Titanium! They'll let you choose the flick and they won't interrupt your favorite scene. Keep that delicious bag of popcorn all to yourself!


Avoiding your ex? They'll help you keep a low-profile

Need to keep a low profile tonight? Enjoy Spotify's anti-Valentine playlist under an inconspicuous disguise as you stay aware of your surroundings. Take tonight to go wherever you want, even if it's to dinner and a movie by yourself.

Jam out all you want! 

Who says you need a dance partner? Put on your AfterShokz and don't hold back! Your Trekz Titanium won't judge! 😉 Not to mention, these wireless headphones wont fall off no matter what dance moves you start busting out. 

They'll teach you something new!

Use this time to listen to a great podcast and expand your knowledge on something you love, or learn about something completely new. Keep your ears (and your mind) open to new topics and get the ball rolling on a new hobby!


They'll help you sweat out your bad mood! 

If you're not in the Valentine's Day spirit, your Trekz Titanium will help you sweat out your bad mood! Work out to your favorite tunes while your ears remain open. You're not the only person that doesn’t have a date, who knows who you will meet? 😏

They'll help you realize, someone adores you! 

Long before any boys or girls were in the picture, your parents were your first Valentine. If you don’t have a date planned tonight, use the call feature on your AfterShokz to catch up with a friend or family member. They loved you first!


Not in the mood to talk? Your AfterShokz would love to go for a walk with you + a furry friend! 

Your pet has unconditional love for you, no matter how mad, frustrated, or sad we may be, our pets have always been there for us. Thank them by making them your Valentine and take them on a long walk. Stay alert of your surroundings with your AfterShokz while you jam out with your little furry date.

They're ready when you need them.

Are you rushing from one planned event to another? Trekz Titanium are the perfect headphones for on the go! With a 6+ hour battery life, they're ready to take on whatever we need to them for. They also only take one hour to fully charge so you can give them a quick charge and get back to your Valentine's Day plans.

They'll help you relax + recharge! 

What better way to enjoy a night of relaxation than to start a new TV series? Get comfortable with your Trekz Titanium headphones and watch all the way up to season 2 episode 6 without your ears being sore from earbuds.


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