10 Body-Positive Influencers to Follow on Instagram
10 Body-Positive Influencers to Follow on Instagram
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10 Body-Positive Influencers to Follow on Instagram

We are currently living in the “Influencer Age”, a time when it seems like everyone on your Instagram feed has the “perfect body,” the “perfect aesthetic,” and the “perfect life.” While logically we understand that social media is a highlight reel, it can be hard to reconcile that with the fact that our lives are decidedly less than perfect, and that’s perfectly OK. That’s why we’re making a case for following these body-positive influencers; seeing people who bring the real and the raw to your feed, who make you feel like you’re still perfect in your own way despite your life not being one long, perfectly filtered highlight reel. Check out these 10 body-positive influencers to follow on Instagram right now! 

1. Iskra Lawrence

New mom and Aerie model Iskra has been an advocate for body positivity for the last few years, and her goal is to challenge the notion that beauty is one size fits all. Follow her for all the outfit inspo and some adorable baby pics! 

2. Jessamyn Stanley 

Jessamyn is a BIPOC (Black-identifying person of colour) yogi, author, podcast host, and founder of The Underbelly Yoga! To say she does it all would be an understatement. Follow her to kickstart conversations about social activism, body liberation, and spirituality. 

3. Ana Alarcón

Ana Alarcón is a fitness instructor based in Portland, Oregon who has been keeping it real from day one. Check out her feed for the cutest puppy pics and #hikinggoals, and follow her fitness page The Vedge Life for free home workouts and meal inspo. Bonus: Read her eye-opening storey she shared with us about the importance of staying aware while running. 

4. Zach Miko

Men can embrace body positivity, too! Zach was the first “Brawn” (plus-size male model) model to sign on with IMG Models, and in between some glam photoshoot shots, he shares Instagrams of his relatable life with wife Laura and daughter Maggie.

5. I Weigh

Although technically an organization instead of an influencer, I Weigh, created by Jameela Jamil, is a podcast, book club, YouTube channel, and more focused around radical inclusivity for all races, body types, sexualities, and identities. For all of those awesome reasons, we’re including it in this roundup. Follow this account for your daily dose of education and reflection! 

6. Lacey Henderson

Lacey is no stranger to the AfterShokz Fam! You may have seen her before, doing her thing on our social media channels and at our photoshoots. After a life-saving operation to remove a tumour that took her right leg at only 9 years old, Lacey has been hustling, training, and competing in the Paralympic Games. Follow Lacey’s running journey and all of her adventures in Austin, Texas on her Instagram! 

7. Chubstr

Founded by Bruce Sturgell, Chubstr is touted as a “style guide for big men.” This account truly has it all; tips for plus-size shopping, podcasts, style inspo, advice, and more! 

8. Olakemi Obi

Olakemi is a curve model and founder of Plus Is Diverse, a page advocating for colour diversity within the plus-size industry. Check out her Instagram feed to see her serving the fiercest fashion fits, and make sure to click on her story highlights for examples of exercise, cooking, and more! 

9. Bo Stanley

You may remember Bo Stanley for her brief stint on ABC’s “The Bachelor,” but IRL (in real life) she’s an athlete, surfer, and model. According to Bo, “A healthy body does not come in one size or shape, we all look differently at our healthiest.” Check out her page for home workouts, inspiring ocean pics, and more! 

10. Ana Rojas Bastidas

Ana Rojas Bastidas is a mother of three boys who reminds us all that in order to have a bikini body, you just have to put a bikini on your body. She posts pictures and videos of her and her children living their best lives unapologetically. She is also the CEO and founder of Orolait, her line of breastfeeding swimwear, bringing new meaning to the term “Mom Boss.” 


Who are your favourite body-positive influencers to follow? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!