10 Black Athletes to Follow On Instagram Right Now
10 Black Athletes to Follow On Instagram Right Now
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10 Black Athletes to Follow On Instagram Right Now

Freshen up your Instagram feed with a few new faces and expand your worldview with every tap of the follow button! We’ve been keeping an eye on some of the most influential Black athletes who are achieving major accomplishments both in their respective sport and IRL (in real life). Check out these 10 Black athletes to follow on Instagram to keep your content diverse, inclusive, and inspirational.  

  1. Priscilla Loomis (Frederick)

Most known for her 2016 Olympic Games appearance representing the countries of Antigua and Barbuda, Priscilla Frederick-Loomis is the perfect example of an athlete embracing their second act post-retirement. And you should follow along! The American-Caribbean athlete’s Instagram is packed with newlywed photos, fitness content, and new business ventures that will make you smile as you scroll through. 

  1. Naomi Osaka

Consider Naomi Osaka this generation’s Serena Williams. Better yet, the Japanese-American tennis phenom is a legend in her own right. Osaka quickly became a tennis household name after her incredible upset win against decorated champion Serena Williams during the 2018 US Open. Scroll through her IG to enjoy street style posts, tennis workouts, and glam moments that will make you do a double-take. 

  1. Roland Pollard

Father and former cheerleader-turned-coach Roland Pollard has been breaking the Internet during quarantine thanks to the adorable and surprisingly acrobatic stunts he’s been pulling off with his 4-year-old daughter, Jayden. Aside from the über-cute Instagrams of the big and little stunt duo, Pollard’s feed is full of uplifting content, gravity-defying moves, and the occasional model-esque pic. 

  1. Simone Biles

If you haven’t gotten to know decorated athlete Simone Biles over the last five years, chances are you probably live off the grid. Allow us to introduce you to this petite gymnastics champion. In addition to sharing the cutest selfies showing off her iconic smile and the latest Nike outfit trends, Biles’ online presence is also guaranteed to inspire you to get up and get active. Hit the follow button to enjoy a glimpse into Biles’ personal life, training routines, and to get inspired by her insane abs. 

  1. Mirna Valerio

Mirna Valerio is singlehandedly changing the narrative of what marathoners can look like with every stride and mile clocked. The Vermont-based, plus-size marathoner and cyclist is always on her Instagram sharing her workouts, uplifting vibes, and giving her insight on her favourite running and wellness products so you can start your journey, too. Follow along for a daily dose of positivity! 

  1. Jamal Hill 

Rising Paralympic star and Team USA swimmer Jamal Hill is certainly one to watch (and follow). After falling ill when he was 10, the swimmer lost significant use of motor function in his arms and legs. Instead of considering his condition a limitation, he leveraged his skill and determination to become one of the most promising swimming athletes in recent years. Check out Hill’s intense swim workouts, public event appearances, and off days at the pool when you follow along. 

  1. Melissa Alcantara

Melissa Alcantara is one of the top celebrity trainers of them all. With Kim Kardashian West as one of her most loyal clients, Alcantara has amassed a 1-million people following of celebs and everyday fitness enthusiasts alike. The Afro-Latina expert trainer is also the author of FIT GURL Total Body Turnaround and creator of a YouTube channel that’s packed with helpful training knowledge and workout videos to bookmark. Follow Alcantara to diversify your feed with super cute fitness outfit posts and natural-body workouts that are suitable for all experience levels and sizes! 

  1. Zion Williams 

Basketball power forward Zion Williams has been on our radar for a few years now, and for good reason. The New Orleans Pelicans player’s young career is one for the storybooks. After a short stint in college playing for Duke University, Williams began his professional career and hasn’t looked back since. Tap the follow button to see tons of action shots, cool endorsement content, and to catch Williams posing with celebrity and rapper fans alike. 

  1. Ibtihaj Muhammad 

When a person thinks of fencing and swordsmanship, oftentimes they don’t consider a woman could be the one skillfully wielding the weapon. After going viral as the first Muslim American Olympic athlete to win a medal and to compete while wearing a hijab (a headscarf or veil sometimes worn by Muslim women), Muhammad is quite literally goals. Tap the follow button to enjoy Muhammad’s worldwide travels, her impeccable fashion moments, and to follow along on her activism journey. 

  1. Givani Smith

Canadian ice hockey player Givani Smith is no stranger to keeping things cool. The Toronto native’s Instagram features action shots from past games, off-season moments with his Detroit Red Wings teammates and friends, and Smith’s youth volunteerism. Follow along on this promising athlete’s career and witness him break the stereotypical hockey stereotype with every upload. 

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