Man running in the city while wearing AfterShokz Aeropex headphones
Man running in the city while wearing AfterShokz Aeropex headphones
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How To Make Your Virtual Runs More Fun

Virtual runs are all the rage this year, and for obvious reasons. Although running race season has had to make some quarantine-related adjustments, there’s still plenty of opportunities to channel your competitive spirit while you hit your stride solo or with a small group of friends. Keep reading for tips on how to make your virtual run more fun and get going!  

Dress For Success 

No matter what theme your virtual race may be centred around, there’s nothing wrong with playing dress-up! No need to head to the local party and costume store; dig into your closet or dresser to create your own DIY outfits that match your race theme. For those who like to go all-out, dress in your runner’s best and snap a few selfies on the trail while you’re in character. 

Cue Up A Playlist

Playlist creation is practically an art. Luckily, our friends over at Rock My Run have taken all the legwork out of putting together the perfect running playlist. Put on your AfterShokz wireless headphones and download Rock My Run to enjoy a selection of curated playlists and music that can help you stay motivated for any distance. As a special treat from us to you, use this special code to enjoy two months of Rock My Run membership benefits for free. 

Suit Up With Snacks

When you’re on a virtual run and hunger hits, fumbling with a bag of loose trail mix or trying to open some squeezable yogurt aren’t exactly the best options. Try loading up a Camelbak pack with your favourite energy drink or flavoured water to help give you a nutrition boost when you’re on the last few miles of your big race. Strap on an AfterShokz Sport Belt to stow some fruit leather or hydrating gum around your waist so you can stay fueled up in-stride. 

Rock Your Socks

If running costumes aren’t quite your style, adding a pair of wacky socks to your workout outfit is an easy way to showcase your personality and fashion sense. Stand out on your neighbourhood running trail or local track and stay socially distant while you run in style. We recommend shopping running socks from Stance to find the coolest patterns, exclusive artist collaborations, and more. 

Use The Buddy System

Although your running group may not be meeting in-person these days, running with a friend or partner can be a safe way to spend time together while enjoying some friendly competition. A running buddy can help motivate you to make it to the next mile and can even help you keep your pace while staying socially distant, of course. Invite a friend or neighbour to run with you to keep boredom from creeping up while you race with other participants on the Web. 

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