Healthify Your Thanksgiving
Healthify Your Thanksgiving
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Healthify Your Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving which means many of us have been putting in extra miles in preparation for #TurkeyTime (yum!). But, you don't have to beat yourself up at the gym this week to make up for your Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, try incorporating these healthy tips today! 

Tip #1: Show up to Thanksgiving dinner with a game plan

We know what you're thinking and no, we don't mean planning your outfit around what goes with yoga pants (although stretchy pants aren't a bad idea...).

But really, if your goal is to eat healthier this Thanksgiving, plan ahead! Which dishes are you willing to skimp out on this year (Aunt Sue's stuffing?) and which are a must have (homemade pumpkin pie)? Will there be healthy options at the table? If not, consider making a healthy dish to share! 

Tip #2: Load up on veggies before the main course

    If you normally snack on chicken wing dip or cheese and crackers before the main event, try a healthy option such as raw veggies instead.

    Tip #3 When in doubt, drink water

    Staying hydrated throughout the day will not only fend off that post Turkey dinner fatigue but can also help curb overeating.

    Tip #4: Keep portion sizes in mind

    While it's tempting to build your plate based on what looks best (extra mashed potatoes, please!) it's certainly a good idea to keep portion sizes in mind.

    Tip #5: Be stingy when handling the salt, butter and gravy

    One simple way to cut back on calories is to skimp out on salt, butter and gravy, or to skip it altogether. 

    Tip #6: Be active

    If your schedule allows it, consider signing up for a local run or walk such as, "the turkey trot". If you can't squeeze in an entire event get your fam outside and go for a stroll, enjoy a family game of kickball, or a snowball fight if you live up North! 

    Tip #7: If you end up eating a bit too much this Thanksgiving, don't sweat it! 

    One day of indulgence isn't going to set you back a year. Enjoy the mashed potatoes and the pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving only comes around once a year and tomorrow is a new day!