Five reasons the iPhone 7 and Trekz Titanium are a match made in heaven
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Five reasons the iPhone 7 and Trekz Titanium are a match made in heaven

Well folks, the Apple September event has come and gone and Apple has made some big changes. Some changes were great and some not so much. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is that the iPhone and Trekz Titanium are a perfect match. Not convinced? Here are five reasons why:

1. No jack. No problem.

Akinola, we 100% agree. We’re hoping that someone is working on fixing the existence of mosquitoes and fax machines. As for your third point, don’t worry! Trekz Titanium are completely wireless and by the end of your first use, you’ll be saying “headphone jack, who?”


2. We won't fall out.

We feel you, Michelle! There’s nothing worse than jammin’ to your favorite tune one second and having your earbuds fall out the next. We won’t do that to you. Trekz Titanium wraps around your ears, which will ensure that you’ll never have to miss another beat drop.


3. Water resistant? You don't say.

We'll isn't that just a coincidence. Trekz Titanium are also water and dust resistant with a certification of IP55. So go sweat, jump in puddles, or get rained on. We'll have you covered.


4. New color!

The iPhone 7 is now available in Black and Jet Black. Trekz Titanium is available in Slate Grey. That's some goood color coordination. If they matched any more, you would think they were going to prom together.


5. Longer Battery <3

Longer battery life means more streaming, more music, more jamming. Trekz Titanium 6 hour music and calls will be there all along the way to make sure you stay connected throughout your day.



Some of you are probably wondering, “Well, what about the AirPods?" Um, we’ll just leave this here...