Aeropex—What the IP67 Rating Really Means
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Aeropex—What the IP67 Rating Really Means

With the recent launch of Aeropex, we’ve been getting a lot of questions — specifically around the IP rating and what you can and cannot do regarding watersports. We’re here to tackle all of them, plus a few more!


What is the IP Code?

The IP Code (International Protection Rating or Ingress Protection Rating) is classified as the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion (“ingress”) of solid objects (such as body parts, including hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and water in electrical enclosures. The goal of the IP Code is to provide users with a more detailed description of product protection rather than just ‘waterproof’ on all marketing materials. 

IP First Digit

The first digit indicates the level of protection that the enclosure provides against access to hazardous parts, such as electrical conductors or moving parts, and the ingress of solid foreign objects. The digits range from 0 to 6 and will indicate the foreign object size the product is protected against.


IP Second Digit

The second digit indicates the level of protection of the equipment within the enclosure against harmful ingress of water. The digits range from 0 to 8 and will indicate if the product is protected from dripping water, splashing water, and/or immersion at different depths.


Putting It Together

Aeropex is rated IP67,  which means they are fully protected from any dust ingress and immersion between 15 centimetres and 1 meter in depth. In layman's terms? You can’t swim with Aeropex, but you can paddleboard, kayak and run in heavy rain with full confidence that water won't damage your headphones. 

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