5 Ways To Prioritize Mental Health During The Holidays
5 Ways To Prioritize Mental Health During The Holidays
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5 Ways To Prioritize Mental Health During The Holidays

The holiday season is a whirl of excitement — but at times can be overwhelming. It’s important to take time to slow down and check in on your mental health between all the festivities. Studies have shown that conditions such as social anxiety and Seasonal Affective Disorder are at their peak during this time. Here are five ways you can tune into your mental health so you can stay merry and bright for all the holiday fun you’re looking forward to! 

Take Time To Meditate

Holiday shopping, travel, and party planning, there’s so much going on during this time of year! One way to stay grounded is to develop a meditation practice. It’s a great way to slow down your thoughts and be present this season. You can use an app like Wise@Work, Calm, or simply put on a peaceful playlist. We recommend trying OpenMove to stay zen while you listen. 

Tune Into A Podcast 

With a busy holiday schedule, listening to a podcast may seem like the last thing you have time for. The truth is that deliberate distractions can actually help you feel more refreshed when you head back into your holiday tasks and activities. Self-care podcasts are also a source of new information and learning that can help you find new coping mechanisms for stress. “Mental” is one podcast we’d recommend for decoding mental illness stigmas and finding fresh takes on mental health. 

Initiate A Dance Break

Is everyone in your household feeling the pressure of the season? One of the best ways to break the tension is to start an impromptu dance party! Dance helps to release endorphins, relax your body, and release any built-up frustrations. You can even tune into our Give Good Vibez playlist to get the party started or have a solo dance session in your Aeropex

Find An Exercise Buddy

Nobody said you have to handle the stress of the holidays alone! Exercise is another great way to increase endorphins and lower cortisol levels to fight the effects of stress on your body. It can be hard to motivate yourself to hit the gym or go for a run when you’re feeling the holiday blues, though. Finding an exercise partner can make it more fun and hold you accountable. If you’re having a hard time knowing where to start, check out these tips on forming a running group

Make A Gratitude List

Thanksgiving isn’t the only time to show gratitude. Making a list of what you’re grateful for will not only make your mom happy, but has been scientifically shown to improve happiness. Expressing gratitude, whether it’s through a list to ourselves or sharing with others, actually helps to rewire the brain. So along with your gift list, make sure to write down all the people, places, and things you’re grateful for. 

For more resources for your mental health this season, please visit the National Alliance of Mental Illness. Find out how you can stay connected to long-distance loved one this season with AfterShokz here.